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Production unlimited 1 year unlimited unlimited unlimited email / chat / phone
Developer (Free) 100 limited* 1 10 3 limited
* Developer retention is limited to 1 day at 60 seconds resolution & 2 weeks at 5 minute resolution.
unlimited 100
unlimited limited*
1 year 1
unlimited 10
unlimited 3
email / chat / phone limited
* 1 day at 60 sec resolution & 2 weeks at 5 min resolution.

Production Usage Examples

* approximate pricing For more details, refer to pricing grid

With Production, you get

  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Graph Snapshots
  • Annotations
  • Live Support
  • What’s a data stream?

    A data stream is a metric sent from a specific source at a given frequency. For example if you send us CPU utilization from one front end server every ten seconds, that’s one data stream. We only charge for data written to disk, so if you send us data every 20 seconds but aggregate them to a 60 second stream, we only charge for the 60 second stream.

  • What if I am not sending data at the frequencies you show?

    We calculate the cost based on the frequency you have set the data stream at. For example if you are sending data streams at 15 second resolution then we calculate the cost based on a linear interpolation using the two closest price points. Resolutions over 5 minutes are priced the same.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yes! We offer discounts for volume, if you are a non profit or an educational institution, if you pre-pay, and more. Check out the pricing article in our knowledge base or send us an email to sales@librato.com.

  • What if I send too much data?

    No problem at all - there is no limit as to how many data streams you can send us. Send us an email if you want to discuss your use case to support@librato.com. By the way: we offer volume discounts based on your total use of Librato services.

  • How long do you keep my data?

    The short answer is: a little over a year. We realized though that it doesn't make sense to store data over long periods of time at the native resolution - too many data points can make it hard to visualize data. To learn more please read this knowledge base article about retention periods and roll ups.

  • Do you offer a free version of Librato Metrics?

    Yes, we do. When you first sign up you enter into a free 30-day trial with no restrictions. We won't ask for your credit card so you can just sign up and start monitoring. After the trial you can choose between the free but limited Developer plan or the unlimited Production plan. To learn more about both plans please read the pricing article in our knowledge base.